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Clyde & Co


Optima Systems, a market leading partitioning company worked with CT Glass to produce a bespoke glass partitioning system as part of the refurbishment of Clyde & Co’s offices in London.

Project Information

The partitioning in the project involved approximately 1500 panels of glass, a significant investment in the company’s infrastructure. The glass comprised of a range of 12.8mm Laminated glass, 12.8mm Acoustic Laminate and 12mm Toughened Heat Soaked, which were utilised in the Optima double glazed partitioning system throughout the offices.

Why CT Glass?

CT Glass have extensive experience of manufacturing glass to be used in conjunction with partitioning systems companies, such as Optima. The project had very tight schedule, with the first glass due on site with only 4 days notice.  CT Glass made 15 consecutive deliveries into London on moffett vehicles, with integral fork lifts, to enable the glass to be moved around the site with ease and complete the project on time.


Response times were key to the success of the project, with the final result being the creation of an impactful modern working environment.  Glass partitioning systems are an ideal product to offer acoustic benefits as well as creating light and airy spaces.

For more information on Optima Partioning Products visit http://www.optimasystems.com