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Hackney School


The project required a canopy roof to be designed and fitted between two existing school buildings.

Project Information

At the begining of the project the client was unsure which glass would look best.  Ct Glass therefore provided options for three different types of design; a clear roof, a clear and grey roof and a roof with clear glass with screen printed dots.The client also asked if we could supply glass that could be walked on so they could clean the glass.

Why CT Glass?

CT Glass were able to supply samples of the different types of glass and different grey interlayers until we reached a colour shcme that the client was happy with.  CT also specialise in toughened and laminated glass which can be supplied in a thickness suitable for walking on.


The final glass supplied was a combination of four products;

21.5mm toughened laminated

10mm clear toughened

21.5mm toughened laminated

10mm clear toughened with a grey interlayer

The combination of the products provides a striking finish with all of the required safety benefits.