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Market Street, Leeds


The Market Street Arcade on Briggate in Leeds is undergoing a radical £3 Million redevelopment. The dramatic overhaul will include a refurbishment of all four floors, a new lift, new footbridge and balustrades, completed by a glazed atrium over the full mall.

Project Information

CT Glass provided a variety of different glasses for a range of uses throughout the development. Numerous shapes and sizes of 10, 12 and 19mm toughened glass were used for the shopfronts and balustrading.

In addition a variety of white glass effects were required for some features, which were created using different methods. A 10mm paint sprayed toughened glass was used for cladding to a central column and a 6mm toughened paint sprayed glass utilised for further cladding.  Additional cladding benefited from a 9.5mm toughened laminate with a white PVB Interlayer, whereas an 11.52mm toughened laminate with a white PVB Interlayer was used to create a lightbox.

Why CT Glass?

CT Glass can suppliy a wide variety of technical high specification safety glasses, which providing both aesthetic and performance benefits. The crowning glory of the centre is the glass atrium roof, which was manufactured using a 17.52mm toughened laminated, comprising of an 8mm heat soaked toughed glass that was laminated to an 8mm heat strengthened glass.  CT Glass are able to advise when and where such high end glasses can be used to most benefit.


The arcade owners wanted to bring the Market Street Arcade into the 21st century, to sit alongside the other high end retail areas featuring top name brands accross the city centre.  The striking result is bound to impress, having transformed a dark and uninviting environment into a stylish shopping location flooded with light.