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Terminal 5, Project 1

CT Glass was approached by a leading national Glass Merchant to create a bespoke architectural piece for Heathrow Airport: Terminal 5.


The creation was to be used to project advertising throughout a section of the terminal, and to reinforce the brand colours throughout the terminal building.

Project Information

As well as the challenging architectural design brief, the piece also needed to blend in with the rest of the airport’s interior and meet demanding brand identity criteria. After various coloured glass samples were created and tested by CT Glass, a colour match was found which satisfied the needs of all project stakeholders; Architect, Designer, Glass Merchant and the Client: Heathrow Airport Management.

Why CT Glass?

Whilst the specification of the glass was obviously bespoke this was easy to achieve for an accomplished glass processor such as CT. More importantly the complexity and ultimate success of this project depended on the technical expertise and determination to create the colour and effect the designers were looking for. Through our experience, technical expertise and dedication to meet customer’s exact demands we were able to create the exact appearance required for this critical design element.


CT Glass provided two 6mm components of toughened laminated glass together with coloured interlayers. The finished product was a cubed blue glass tower which met Heathrow brand guidelines and architectural specification.